All lifting operations course and assessment now available in Varna, Bulgaria.



Offshore Jack-Up Rigs and Barges can be used for drilling, maintenance and installation operations, and are mobile units as compared to other gravity-based structures. They can be either towed like other barges or have propulsion units that move the structure under its own power.

Modern self-propelled jack-up barges are widely used within oil-and-gas and renewable energy sectors.

Courses Duration Participants Language
Jack-Up familiarization Read more > - - Eng / Rus
Jack-Up stability Read more > 5 days 8 prs Eng / Rus
Ballast Control Operator Course Read more > 4 days 8 prs Eng / Rus
Barge Supervisor Course Read more > 8 days 8 prs Eng / Rus

What are the jack-up trainings for?
Safe handling and operation of self-propelled jack-up barges depends on many factors - maneuvering characteristics, human factors (operator experience and skill, his behavior in stressed situation, etc.), actual environmental conditions, seabed condition, ballasting operations and proper jacking operations planning.
Results of analysis of casualties and accidents show that in one third of all, human error is involved as a result of a lack of professional awareness and attitude. Training therefore, is one of the most effective methods for improving the safety of operations and situational awareness of the personnel.
Lerus Training has put in place all necessary tools to conduct efficient and well designed theoretical and pracatical trainings