All lifting operations course and assessment now available in Varna, Bulgaria.


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Lerus SDN BHD offers theoretical and practical training using modern simulation solutions.




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Learning by first hand experience on board an offshore vessel or installation, as the only means of education, is now unacceptable due to the increasing cost of mistakes and their influence on the environment.

Safety reduces the risk of injuries to personnel and minimizes the risk of damage to the environment. Reliability minimizes the ever increasing cost of being off-hire; and well trained competent personnel improve the efficiency and economy of offshore operations.

About Us

International certificate

We issue an internationally recognized certificate after completion of the course in the Lerus. You are able to verify the issued certificate at any time.

Hotel in same building

Hotel Marenero is a modern fusion of stylish and comfortable fully equipped apartments combined with up to date amenities in a sophisticated atmosphere.

The latest technologies

We use the most modern simulation equipment and software solutions to make training process as close as possible to real conditions.